I was born in Guatemala and at the age of 11 I came to the US so for the most part I don’t know my own country of origin, so for the past years I have made trips to see places that I have always heard about. For the most part you will hear, Antigua Guatemala, Lake Atitlan, Tikal, but those are the most visited places, there are other not so visited places that are a must if you like the adventure.

I have personally visited Tikal 3 times already and it never gets old, this old Mayan city has so much to see and learn from. I do wanna warn you that it may not be for those seeking a luxury retreat but more for those seeking a jungle retreat, my fav place to stay is a $30 a night hotel called La Casa de Don David located in the small town of El Remate, Peten.

Lake Atitlan