Guanajuato is now on my list of places to re-visit, it is so difficult to explain how beautiful this town is but I will try to briefly explain why is so unique. As I drove into town, I was already expecting to see some tunnels but I never expected to see so many and such long tunnels in a colonial town. As I drove in on the first tunnel I was surprised to see that the tunnels keep going and going, in fact the longest tunnel is 3 kilometers and to my surprise there are intersections and lots of other tunnels, in fact the whole town is filled with tunnels bellow ground, these were sewage tunnels and later transformed into what we see today.
The town it self is one street after another filled with colonial architecture. Im a huge fan of colonial towns but Guanajuato takes 1st place on my list, the streets are narrow and driving is not a good idea, the best thing to do is to walk and explore, just be ready with tennis shoes cause you will be walking a lot.

Huge things happened here back in the days, its rich in history and to be honest having a guide helps a ton. It also helps to know that public transportation is usually 5 pesos a ride, and can easily get you from one side of town to another in a breeze, I actually took it to visit the Museo de Las Momias (Museum of Mummies) and I did not regret it one bit, but then again if you wanna avoid them, you can always catch a cab from downtown and it will probably run you about 30 pesos.

Must things to do are, Las Momias de Guanajuato, The Tunnels, Teatro Hidalgo, The Mines, El Mercado Hidalgo, and Centro Historico, the whole place is beautiful you will not regret visiting this town its a must if you love Colonial Towns.

At night the town becomes alive and let me tell you, it feels so safe to walk around the center of town where you can find fine dinning, mariachi bands, and of course the majestic Teatro Juares that at night becomes a whole new building with it’s well lit walls and columns that remind me of a roman temple.

Guanajuato is so inspirational, I can see a writer, a poet, a musician on these streets, they are simply so romantic yet so alive.