I have made a tradition to visit this place whenever I can, it gives me such peace to see and smell clean air for at least 2 days. I’m lucky to live in Los Angeles California so this is fairly close. If you ever visit San Francisco or Los Angeles, make the effort to come and see this place, you will be amazed by the huge sequoias which can be seen at the very entrance of the park, the area is called Mariposa Grove, just make sure you check if it’s open because there are times when they close this area.

I have been here during summer and winter and I find that summer is better since some of the areas are closed during winter because of the snow, but if you happen to come during winter, it is still a magical place see. Another really nice attraction are the waterfalls, although unfortunately due to the drought that California is suffering from, some are actually completely dry.

If you plan to stay within the park, there are two options, get a hotel room that should be booked at least 6 months ahead or camp in the designated areas in the park. Option 2 for me is kind of iffy if you ask me, 2 years ago I saw a 2 bears within walking distance, a cub and a mom bear, luckily a ranger was nearby with a firearm alerting visitors, still I was in awww when I saw this and made me realize that camping here might not be such a great idea for my family, some visitors are really careful with storing food, others are simply too at ease with food and that just makes things too risky for my taste.

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